Friday, February 20, 2009

Time is the enemy!

Well I have found facebook.....I kinda went into it kicking and screaming because I was having trouble with my computer and the its all facebook is working again....I am having lots of fun meeting up with my friends from ELEMENTARY school......what a blast.....I am loving it and also meeting up with friends from high school.

We are also in the middle of planning our 31st high school was for last october but the timing was off so now we are shooting for this summer....I am on the committee to help out and I am looking forward to it......We have a conference call next week to talk over some of the details...

I have been very busy at work and even brought stuff home this weekend to get done. Tomorrow is a busy day...we are going to a meeting to see how to finance college for my two girls and then we have the big Edison Pagent of Light parade tomorrow night. I use to march in that parade when I was in ROTC in high school and now my daughter does it and I am a chaperone. I love doing this. So we have to be at the high school at 2:30pm tomorrow and the parade is at 7:30pm at night. I will tell you all about it tomorrow or Sunday.

I have been fighting a migraine tonight and not winning. I took some aspirins at school before I left but I still have a pounding head. I am going to get more to take a little later and then head to bed.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am so sick of being sick AGAIN!!!! Desirae missed school all last week because she had the I had a few weeks back....Carol got it yesterday and is running a temp of 101.2, so no school for her tomorrow....right now Dave is also coughing.....and I have a temp of 100. Now I have to go to school tomorrow so I am going to be heading to bed pretty soon with a dose of nyquil....i just need to get thru the day and get home fast at the end of the day....

Of course all the kids at school are sick, 2 teachers on my team are sick and with the stupid temps being from 31 to 50 here in COLD SOUTHWEST FLORIDA! It's no wonder we are sick....I can't wait for the summer....I would rather be warm than this cold....We have had more fires in the fireplace this winter then all the years we have lived here which are 8 years.

Desirae went to the docs on friday and got some meds so she is doing good. If Carol doesn't get better tomorrow I will have Dave take her in also.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.....we need to get over this once and for all!!

Pass the tissues!!