Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Rough Week

I thought this was a great video especially in light of this last week. I haven't been here much. School, as always, keeps me on my toes. Last week I was out three nights to awards functions for my daughters. I am so proud of their accomplishments this year in school. They have worked hard and now they are reaping their just rewards. It was a great week for the kids in both the high school and the middle school. I am glad that week is over.

Last Sunday I got a very upsetting phone call. For the last 2 years my best friend has been battling breast cancer and last Sunday she lost that fight. I can't begin to tell you the grief that I have been dealing with. We were in Girl Scouts together, our children grew up together and our husbands enjoyed spending time with each other. A greater friend I could never find. I have one other friend that I am this close too and now that one is gone I have a great hole in my heart. She was only 43 years old, and left a loving and devoted husband, a 16 year old son, 18 year old daughter (who is going to graduate high school this coming Thursday) and a 20 year old daughter who just got engaged this year. The funeral services were Wednesday night and I don't know when I have cried so much.

Today I opened my blogger page and found this adorable videos of the otters holding hands. As I watched it, I thought of my friend and her husband and children and of our friendship. I thought how we held hands over the last 11 years of our friendship through the good times and the bad and how we always came back together. I thought of her and her husband, that now they would be apart but later in heaven they would be able to hold hands again, and when her children joined her they too would be able to hold their mother's hand.

This is a somber weekend to honor those who lost their lives so we may live in freedom. To also honor those who fought for our freedom to live our precious lives the way we choose to. The next time you see someone in uniform please tell them Thank-you. They will really appreciate it. Also be sure to always tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. You don't know what tomorrow will bring and you might not be here to tell them.

To all my friends and family that read my blog, "I love you with all my heart!"

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