Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday 26 January 08

Ok so typing everyday is not my thing.....the other night my sister in law came over for a visit while she was in town. She brought my mother in law and father in law too and we had a great visit. It was nice to see family and catch up.

The weekends are when I try to get everything done. Laundry (didn't get to that today so that gets moved to tomorrow)and I did type lesson plans today so I am ahead there for the next two weeks. I also quilted 3 quilts for a customer so that was a good thing. Tomorrow I have another couple of quilts to quilt for customers. I have a short arm quilting machine and I try to finish some of my quilts too. So before I stopped quilting for the day I put a small quilt of mine on the machine and got it quilted. Then I cooked dinner and now I am working on the laptop. I will start sewing in a minute.

Another job I have is sewing at home. I make dust masks for a woman who sells them all over. Check out the links in my favorites to see what they look like. They are wonderful, my hubby wore one while he built our house.

Did I mention that I am a teacher? I teach second grade and just love it. I am a late bloomer, I decided while my children were still in middle and elementary school that I wanted to persue my childhood dream of being a teacher. With the help of my family and friends I completed my degree and graduated last year magna cum laude. I am really proud of that and I just love watching the kids in my class "get it"!!! I love teaching them how to read and find out all the wonderful things that are out in the world.

My goal for tomorrow is grocery shopping, laundry and also getting my camera charged so I can post more pictures of my stuff. I have a great quilt in progress that I want to show you. It's a northwoods quilt from a block swap on AOL years ago. A group of women who shared the same love of the northwoods swapped quilt blocks. After almost 10 years I am finally putting the quilt together. I have the center and then I got busy with my crazy real life and haven't touched the quilt in weeks.

What I need is to plan time in the week for me. I loved working on one of my UFO's today. (In quilt language that is an unfinished object). My goal this year is to finish about 20 quilts of my own. Now I do live in Florida and we really don't need many quilts down here. I mostly donate my quilts for the soldiers, Quilts of Valor, cancer charities and for kids. I love making them and sharing them. I will post some pictures soon as I charge the camera tomorrow.

Well that is all for now. I will post more tomorrow.....maybe pictures too....


Patti Jo said...

Wow, teaching full time and still sewing for a living! I am impressed. I too have laundry to do.... I always put that off to the last minute. I clicked on your blog link from the last email you sent out with the wildlife pics. I am looking for a place to blog and network. I use to blog on yahoo 360 but they are taking that down and I want to blog and network at the same time. Have you checked out the FGCU alumni online networking/blog? I started a profile there but need to go flesh it out.
Talk to you later.... PJ

Judy said...

You girls have too much time on your hands! lol, I am so far behind on my reading, I'll never catch up. who has time for laundry???? Much less real life/real time documentation!!!!! You go girls.

Patti Jo, what do you mean you need to "flesh it out" on the FGCU alumni network?

I'm register with FGCU alumni, but haven't really had time to pursue it.

I'm taking 2 classes - lots, lots, lots of reading; house hunting; and making the rounds with doctors getting established between Zephryhills & Lakeland. Least we not forget the ongoing legal battles. At least now I have an attorney and look forward to getting my DL back soon.

Love you gals, hope to see you in the not so far future.

Much love,