Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank heavens its Thursday I have to get better about writing here. I was really tired last night and spent most of it on the computer getting some paperwork done for taxes. That got dropped off today so we should be set for a while. With work and the kids sometimes some of the paperwork gets put off but I think I am set for now.

I also started feeling icky last night. Everyone at school, kids and other teachers, have all had some sort of cold and I think now it's my turn. I started getting a sore throat last night and I had the worst migraine last night. I have never had one quite that bad before, I even felt sick to my stomach. Naturally, the medicine was in the downstairs bathroom so I didn't get any until this morning. I feel better now but I am heading to bed early tonight. I have some sewing to finish and papers to grade and then it's bed time for me.

I have a fun Saturday coming up. My older daughter is in JROTC in high school and their All County competition is this Saturday. I am going. These kids twirl 12 pound rifles like it was nothing. They spin to music and are amazing. I love watching them. It reminds me of when I was in that program when I was in high school. I am just hoping some of my friends will come to see the kids. I also help with the girls uniforms as some of them have no clue how to dress themselves. The instructors are the best and they are great with the kids. We helped collect money for parking during the football season and we have the best time with these teenagers. I just love being with them. I think it helps keep me young.

At school I get to work with super teachers who have so much to offer as colleagues and also great friends. Then I have my students who are wonderful. They work so hard to read and learn and please me. I love it. Today they earned their last point (everyone had a good day) and tomorrow they are getting chocolate cake for their reward. They are so excited. Then I also get to hang out with my younger daughters friends from middle school. They are great too. Very grown up and smart and fun to be with. Then there are the high school kids (young adults really) who are great people. I know that these are all kids in ages from 7 (my class) to almost 18 but I love being with them. I learn so much from them. I truly think that our future is in good hands.

My friend is busy working on her scrapbook and I had to look for some stuff for her last night in my scrapbook box. Now it's all I can think about. I want to get more pictures printed from my other computer on my picture paper and start putting my stuff together. I am going to set a goal that I do that either this weekend or one night next week. I also want to set a night aside so I can get some quilting done for myself. Even if it's just for one hour on these projects. I am not sure I can do that tonight though. I need to get to bed early as I have a hectic day at school tomorrow and then I have to be at the high school at 6AM on Saturday. WOW!!!

That is all for tonight. I am going to try and be more diligent in my writing.....I am hoping next time I can add some pictures of my projects.

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