Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday 22 January 08

WOW!! 20 people have checked out my blog. I am so excited.....this is really cool. Apparently older adults don't have blogs....at least that is the feeling I am getting from my daughter. She told one of her friends that I have a blog and the friend was really surprised. I think it's cool. I have kept a diary as a young girl (that is back in the old days of paper and pencil before computers were in every home). LOL....

Ok the title of this blog is my crazy real life and I think I need to explain how I came by that title. Here is what I did today after reading it tell me what you think.

530am: Wake up and dress and make sure 16 yr old is up and getting ready for high school. I need to drive her today as she has practice after school.

610am: Leave for high school, drop her off at 630am and drive to bank to drop off the night deposit so there is money in the bank today.

7am: Arrive home and make the coffee. Dress for work and apply make-up so I don't scare the kids at school. (LOL) and then fix coffee to go, grab a peanut butter cookie on the way out of the house.

730am: Wake up 13 yrd old for middle school, she has to walk to school today.

800am to 345pm: Teach second grade. (Please note that I normally stay at school until 430-5pm but I had to leave early today.

400pm: Leave my school and drive to my daughter's middle school to check out the band pictures. This took long because the guy from the photo company didn't know what he was doing. While I was waiting to see the pictures I called the car insurance company and had to pay the bill over the phone. It was due yesterday but the banks were closed. Hubby surprised me and came to the middle school to pick up the 13 yr old but I sent him to the high school to get the 16 yr old because her practice was done at 5pm.

530pm: Arrive home and start cooking dinner. We eat and talk and catch up on the day. I insist on eating together at night and we all have a blast at dinner most nights.

630pm: Everyone comes in my studio, the 13 yr old does homework in my studio, the 16 yr old has me braid her hair, the dogs are in the studio as well, 16 yr old leaves her cell phone with boyfriend, he shows up with the phone but hasn't eaten. The 16 yr old gets him some dinner and everyone is currently in my room visiting with me. Hubby is watching tv in the living room ALONE!

Almost 8pm: I will start sewing eventually and the kids will start moving out into other room. I have to grade some test papers and get the results ready to turn into my principal this week. I also need to sign papers for a school field trip and work on my classroom newsletter. This will continue until about 1030pm when I finally head to bed.

Can you see now why this blog has its name? This isn't an unusual or different day in my life. THIS IS MY LIFE! Every day of the week. But you want to know something? I love it. I love being involved in my kids lives. They come home from somewhere and seek me out to tell me about their day. It's wonderful. I normally don't get my 13 yr old from school, my dear friend picks her up in the morning and brings her home at night because I am at my school working. It was great getting her today and being able to hear about her day.

One of the things I have learned is time management and how long it takes me to do something. You have to have some sort of plan to get through the day. Prayer is everything. I can't make it through the day without praying. I won't sit here and spout my religious beliefs to you but I will tell you that it's the only way I can get through the day.

Thanks for checking me out. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I look forward to it. It's always different and exciting.

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Rita said...

Wow Marie - you are one busy, busy lady!! I see we both like Diana Gabaldon!! Rita (LR2)