Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where does the time go????

I am not sure what happened to February. It's almost over and I haven't posted in almost two weeks. Well that is my crazy real life. It was quiet for a while with nothing great happening and then WHAMMO!!! LIFE !!!!

I was really busy quilting quilts for friends. I didn't have any and I was able to get some of my own done (at least two got quilted of mine but that was it). Then I had quilts for friends to finish. Did those and more came in and that is fine. I do them on the weekend because when I get home from school I am too tired. Most nights I bring home papers to grade that I didn't get to during the day. I did that tonight but I won't be grading them. I will work on them tomorrow sometime. After I am done here I am going to sew masks. My part time job. LIFE!!!!

Then the girls had me running and getting things done at school. My oldest daughter spins rifles in her JROTC program and last Saturday they had an all county competition. They did really well and now they are getting ready to go to the state competition in Lakeland next month. My other daughter is going to attend high school next year and we went to the open house for the school she plans to attend. It is a magnet school of the arts and she has to audition to get into the art program. We spend a few nights filling out the paperwork for that. She also plays trumpet in the jazz band and has had performances to go to. She is going to another one tomorrow night. LIFE!!!!

Tomorrow night is also a fund raiser for my elementary school at the local McDonalds. A portion of all monies raised from 4-11 go to my school. The jazz band is eating there before their performance so we have that to go to. LIFE!!!!!

The best news I got this week was that my oldest friend (we have been friends since kindergarten and we are now older then dirt so that is a long time....LOL) is coming down in the first part of August with her hubby and family and I can't wait to see them. It's been ages since we have seen each other and we are so excited.

So, there you have it......life sometimes is crazier then TV and I know mine is very hectic....

Did I mention I had another wonderful visit from my other sister-in-law and my mom and dad in law this Sunday? They came over for dinner and we had a great time catching up. I was happy to see them all. She lives in Virginia and we don't get to see each other as often as we would like.

Well, I should get off the computer. We are having a bad thunderstorm with lightning right now. We need the rain but not this bad. I even brought our outside kitty in and she is all comfy in the garage right now. Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know how your life is going??


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