Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday Night

I love my Saturdays off and this Saturday I had part of it off. The rest I volunteered for and it was great. It brought back lots of memories to me. My daughter is in the JROTC unit at her high school. It was their turn to march in the Edison Grand Parade of Light. This is a big event in our community to honor Thomas Edison who had a winter home in our town of Ft. Myers. This parade has been going on for 70 years and I have been fortunate to march in it for 5 of those years. This year made my 6th visit in the parade. We got to school around 3pm to mostly sit around and wait, just like in the Army. The kids had to get their gear together, some were on the Color Guard and had to carry flags so they needed to get their gear on. Other students were just marching in the parade but my daughter was part of the group that was spinning rifles in the parade. The busses showed up at school at about 4pm. We loaded the busses and started the trip downtown. We went to a staging area where they had food for sale for the kids in the parade and also a DJ for the kids so they could dance and unwind and relax a little. This was never available when I marched in the parade about 30 years ago.

I just spent about and hour looking for pictures of the parade of the kids I was with. I couldn't find any as a group. Oh well.....we stayed at the staging area for about 30 minutes and then got back on the busses and they took us to the starting point of the parade. It was about 7:40pm before we started our part in the parade. We had a really good time but it was lots of walking and stopping. We got done about 9:30pm and then boarded the busses back to the high school.

I am in good shape for running up and down my stairs at home but walking 3 miles is another story. My legs were killing me all night and I didn't sleep well. I got to be early last night and slept great. Thank goodness we are off from school today and I got to sleep in. I am fine now and think I might have lots a little weight but that is highly doubtful as we stopped at McDonalds on the way home for some food because my daughter and I were starving. Well tomorrow starts the craziness of life again so I am off the computer now and going to have some fun. I won't tell you what I am doing as it will be a surprize for this week's blogging....Have a great day off if you are lucky to not be working today!!!

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