Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last event of the weekend

Well today was fun. I helped the JROTC run a concession stand for the Minnesota Twins baseball game. We are the winter home of the Twins and the Boston Red Soxs. The school gets tips for working the stand and the kids cook, and pour soda, and the adults pull beer. We have a great time with the kids and the instructors. I spent my Sunday afternoon doing that. I am a little tired but we had a blast.

Then we came home and ran out to get a bite to eat. I have been on the run all weekend and no time to get to the grocery store. I will try and get there tomorrow after work. I also managed to squeeze in 3 loads of laundry between church, breakfast and going to the stand.

This week should be a fairly calm week around here. At least that is what I am hoping for. HeeHee...It's a four day work week because Friday is Good Friday and we have off. I can't wait to be able to sleep in. I am hoping to get all caught up on Friday with laundry, household chores(my girls will do those) and email and work. I am behind in my quilting and sewing so I have to get moving this weekend.

I am also trying to get my older daughter ready for spring camp. It's a 4 day camping trip with her JROTC group. We bought the tent yesterday and now just have to get a few other things and she will be all set. A friend is taking out his 5th wheel and we will load all our stuff in that. The kids and the instructors go out on Thursday and I will join them after school on Friday. This is during the first week of April. I went last year and we had a blast. I just love being with these high school kids. They really keep me young.

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