Monday, April 28, 2008

Time is the enemy!!

I am not really sure where time goes but if I ever find it.....LOOK OUT!!!

It's been 10 days since I have posted and I know I have been busy but I have to work backward to figure out where all the time went. LOL

Yesterday was great!! We took the dogs and went to the local RV show. Even though we have a motor home we like seeing what is out there. It was great to take the dogs with us. They were able to meet more people and get lots of attention which they like. They did really well. On the way home we got some cheeseburgers at McDonalds and that was a big hit with the dogs ( and the rest of us too)!! Then we took the dogs home and went to Wal-Mart for some shopping. I got a new purse and of course the girls got "stuff" they needed. It was nice to take the day off and be with my family for a change.

Saturday, the girls slept in and I went to work. Now that means I stayed home and quilted some quilts and then went to the grocery store. Nothing fancy but I got a lot done at home.

Ok that is great but what about last week? Well I am glad you asked. I normally am very busy at my school and last week was no different. It was the first week back from spring break so we had to get the kids thinking about being in school again and not at home. We had a good week in my class. I have the best students, they work very hard and I am so proud of them. My school has a big event coming up tomorrow so most of our energy last week was gearing up for tomorrow's visitors. Our school district is appying for accredidation and our school was picked for a visit. I am honored that I have been chosen by my principal to be observed by these education professionals. I have prepared my students and now we get to show everyone how hard we are working. I will let you know how we do.

The really great event of the week will happen on Wednesday night. That is the night of the Lee County JROTC Brigade Awards presentation. What is making this night so special is the presentation of the Founder's Awards. This award will be presented to the two schools who have stood out in their volunteer efforts in the community. My old Senior Army Instructor from my JROTC days, Col. Tedsan S. Timberlake and his esteemed wife, Dr. Polly Timberlake will be there. To his surprise I am also rounding up as many past cadets as I can. Right now I think we have about 15 of us that are going to be there. I am so excited to have these awards for the schools and to see my friends. Many of them I haven't seen in about 10-30 years. I am so EXCITED!! The really BIG news is that my daughter will be getting a special award. I will get pictures and post them here. So the rest of last week and this past weekend has been spent on the phone talking to my old friends and trying to find more of them through the computer.

I hope once school is out for the year that I can post more consistently. I will keep you posted!!

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