Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's been a while!!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. I have been busy at work prepping my students before they took the state tests for second grade. I am anxiously awaiting their officials scores. I am hoping they did really well. We have been working very hard this year and they have done a great job in class. As a special treat now we are going to be working on a class quilt and a paper quilt for our hallway bulletin board and also each child is going to be making their own small quilt as a memory from our wonderful second grade class. My super principal gave me the idea and I can't wait to start working on it with the kids. They are looking forward to it and so am I.

I have been busy with the high school kids too. I went camping with my daughter's JROTC unit and we had a blast. There was a total of 12 high schools there and probably over 500 kids and adults together. It was last weekend and we had a wonderful time. We (the adults) cooked hot dogs on Friday night and hamburgers on Saturday night. One of the instructors also brings out stereo equipment and we watch movies. We had to cancel the movie on Saturday night as we got a storm that night. The kids were safe and in their tents and we got wind and rain. We were leaving the next day so on Saturday evening we had the kids start packing some of their stuff up and the adults started breaking down some of the equipment we had out. The kids go out on Thursday morning but I had to wait until school was over on Friday afternoon. Then I changed clothes and bought some water and ice and food and headed out. I look forward to this all year. The instructors are wonderful and our school took second place on the tug of war. My old high school won first place in volley ball and another school took first place in the giant relay (swimming, canoeing, running and some other things I can't remember right now). I didn't stay for the relay because I had to stay back at the campsite with another adult chaperone so we could start cooking the hamburgers for the kids.

Then we had one more week of school and now we are all on spring break. I am so happy. Today I quilted two quilts for a friend and I am getting the backing ready for a quilt of mine that I will do tomorrow and donate to the middle school for their spring auction next month. I also went to the grocery store with my daughter. Then we came home and played a game of LIFE. We had fun and my younger daughter was thrilled because she finally won a game. It was a great day.

Now I am heading to the kitchen to get dinner started. Then we are going to start a game of Monopoly but we won't finish it, so I will clear a place on the dining room table and we will bring it out this week. I love spring break and have lots planned to do. I mostly want to sleep in and get some things done around the house and of course I have papers to grade from work and work stuff to do but I also want to take some time for myself and my girls. I miss spending time with them.

Better head to the kitchen. I will be posting more this week. Stay tuned!!

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