Thursday, October 16, 2008

School is Cool!!!

Hi there,,,,

I had the best training tonight. I teach kindergarten as you might remember....and we adopted a new reading series this year. We are teaching Read Well and we had a follow up training tonight from our training over the summer. The instructor we had was amazing. She gave us such great ideas that I can't wait to go to school tomorrow and try them out......

I also have some extra work coming in this weekend and that will help pay the bills. So things are looking up a little .....

I hope to get some quilting time in this weekend too. I have a couple of quilts of my own to finish and I would like to get a birthday stars quilt basted this weekend. That way I can hand quilt it. I have had the top done for a while and need to get this basted!!

Talk to you soon!!


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Mom2Three said...

TAG, Marie!!! YOU'RE IT!!!!
Go check out my blogs for details!!!

(And the money is coming in for the quilt raffle -- I have so many different people I want to win it now... I may have to chop it up into napkins!
I would never. Oh my gosh. I have it SAFELY tucked up in my closet on a very high shelf, far from kitties and Labradors!)
Go check out my blog, sister!!
Waiting for Jin Pei...