Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting organized!

I got a great idea from a quilting friend. We are both on a list to help us use up our existing fabric for quilts and not buy anything new. Well if you could see my studio you would know that isn't a problem for me at all. The problem I have is that I have so many things started I can't get them all done. Her plan was to pick 6 things to finish in a 6 month period of time. So I have picked my 6 today and here they are......

1.) Christmas quilt that my best friend was her UFO and now i am going to finish it and give it back to her for her grandkids.....i have one more block to do and then start putting the top together.....

2.) Hand quilt and bind and label my birthday stars quilt

3 & 4 & 5 ) Bind and quilt 3 quilts for Alycia's Quilts for Quilts of Valor

6.) Complete i new quilt using stash! and quilt and label it.....

I am really excited about this and will use the blog to keep everyone updated on my progress and include pictures....Today I have to work on masks and sewing binding on a quilt for a customer. I hope to start working on this stuff again this week sometime.

I have off from school tomorrow and will quilt one more quilt for a customer and one more for the UFO list from above. Then its back to sewing masks for awhile. Once I finish an item from the list I will post a picture here. Wish me luck!

I added the last one as number 6 so that is my reward for working so hard on the other things. I like creating new quilts as well as finishing my old ones. So right now I am going to put in the DVD I got from the library, JAG the 5th season, and get to work. I am sick of there not being anything on TV anymore so I have been getting shows from the library to watch. My hubby and I have been watching Mission Impossible, the Pretender, JAG and last night I watched the Odd Couple. Great shows and they bring back great memories of my childhood....well only the Mission Impossible ones and Odd Couple....while the other shows were on I was busy with my family and little girls so I missed a lot of them. This is my chance to get caught up!!!

This is a picture of the Hope diamond that is in the Smithsonian. We took this picture while we were on vacation last summer. It's the most stunning thing I have ever seen!

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Joni said...

Hello Marie,
My goodness, how do you keep up with yourself?! That is so great that you got your degree and your quilts are beautiful! That's a wonderful thing you are doing for our men and women and I'm sure they appreciate it! I have started my own site since looking at Lynn's and your's, however it will not be as busy! HA! I just started it today, so I'll have to work on it some more. The photo of me and Dale is old, but the only one available at the moment, so I said what the heck, it's still us just a lot younger! Anyway, I hope we can keep more in touch this way, I sure miss all my Florida Friends! I will talk to you again soon! Love ya, Joni
OMG the Hope Diamond is incredible!