Thursday, October 2, 2008

The good and the Bad!!!

The bad is that I haven't had much extra work to do. The quilting and mask business has slowed down to a halt with the current economy. So what else is new. Thank goodness I am still teaching and have a job for the whole year.

The good is that I am finally getting to do somethingthat I want. I have been making Christmas stockings for the troops. I have 4 done and I am in the process of making more...I have pictures of the first set on the camera and I will ulpoad them tomorrow. I am also using up parts of my stash and that is a wonderful thing. I have a ton of Christmas fabric and this is a great way to use it and help make our service men and women have a great holiday while they are keeping us safe.

The hard part is finding my Christmas fabric. I have so much I can't get to it. So now after I make one more pieced part of the stocking I have to go fabric hunting in the stash.

I will post again this weekend. I already have my lesson plans done for next week so I just have a little school work for the weekend and I plan on playing and cleaning the house (just a little on the cleaning part....LOL) this weekend.

Marie....the Christmas elf!!!!!


NancyE10 said...

Marie, I've been making stockings, too, but I have a suggestion. When you get done with the Christmas fabrics you are using, put them all in one box marked 'Xmas fabric', so you'll find it easier in the future! I just had to yank out ONE box to use... so much easier!

Marie said...


thanks. that is a good idea....i need to keep my fabric kids have cleaned and straightened it out twice but i keep making a day i will be organized!!