Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am who I am!

I got a message last week telling me my blog might be spam! What? How does that happen? I had to do some things to do to fix it and now all is well.

I have been working many hours in school and even on Saturday's for many hours. I don't have to go in any more on Saturdays since I am slowly getting into a routine with my paperwork at school.

My part time job of sewing has slowed down too so I am taking advantage of the down time and working on some UFO's. Right now I am hand sewing the binding down on a charity quilt that has been quilted for some time. I have anothe one sitting here that needs binding done on it and will get that done this weekend.

I haven't been working on many things at night. I am so worn out from the kids at school that I have spent time reading email and getting to bed early.

I have been watching Dancing with the Stars this week and can't decide who I am really rooting for. There are many good dancers this season and I don't have one favorite. Last time I was rooting for Kristi Yamaguchi and she won!!! If you watch it tell me who you are voting for!

Time for ER to start....can't believe this show is in its last year......its my favorite show!



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