Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting the routine down!

I think I am getting into the routine of school and my kids and my own teenagers schedules. It's been a hectic couple of weeks but I am finally getting organized. Now I just need to quit waking up 30 mins before the alarm goes off. That has been happening for two weeks now and it's not fun.

I need my sleep. I haven't been sewing much or getting things in the mail like I should. I have 4 quilts that need to be sent off but I haven't had a chance to do that. I am thinking of just waiting until Saturday morning and then going to drop them off. At least that is the plan but who knows what will happen.

I finished reading all the Elm Creek Quilt novels I could get my hands on. Now I have to wait until the author writes another one. Maybe in between time I can finish reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. I have been trying to finish reading this book for a while now and always get side tracked. It's not because it's not a great book I just can't find the time to read it. I did read those other books but they were a little smaller. Now I am ready to read this book (well I just need to finish it) and then I will be ready for the next book to come out by her by the year 2009.

So what are you reading? Anything good? Any great quilt patterns I need to know about but missed? I seem to spend most of my online time looking for worksheets for my kindergarten kids or reading email.

I have also been de-stressing by playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. We have it on the lap top and the large computer and it's a blast to play it and forget your worries. If you haven't tried it I strongly suggest finding the CD at Best Buy or Circuit City. Great price for a great game!



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