Friday, January 2, 2009

How I spent the day!

A few years ago Santa brought us Nintendo gamecube.....and the girls stil play on it and they have been playing a game called Animal Crossing. They have done this for years......and I am always too busy to play...but this Christmas break I didn't bring anything home so I have had lots of time on my I learned how to play the game and its a lot of fun.

We asked Santa for a Wii but he couldn't find any in time for Christmas so we are still waiting....LOL.....I am going to get one but I also have to wait until the stores stock back up with them here in town because they sold out for Christmas. There is also an Animal Crossing game for the Wii so I thought I should learn the easy one first. LOL....well now they have me hooked on it...I played all day today and didn't do anything else. It was great.

Tonight though I think I am going to scrapbook for a little while....and then I might go play again.....LOL...

What wonderful things have you all done in the first 2 days of the new year?


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