Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Day!

Today was a fun day for me. I got to spend most of the day with the JROTC kids from South Ft. Myers HS. We were at the Red Sox and Twins game running a consession stand. The kids cook and prep the food and run the cash registers. The adults pour the beer. We have the best time and the kids earn tips toward their program at school and also a portion of the sales go to the JROTC unit.

I can only help out on weekends and I have another game in April I can go to. It's a blast and we have fun doing it to. The kids are awesome and do a great job.

This coming weekend is the state competition for these same kids in Lakeland Florida. We leave on Friday ( I asked for the day off so I can go) and the competition is Saturday. We have a great time on the bus as well as at the competition. It's a busy weekend and we have late and early hours but another fun time. We leave around 10 am on Friday and get there a little after lunch. We settle into our rooms and the kids start practicing in the parking lot. After practice we wash up for dinner and head to the local mall for some shopping and dinner. Then back to the hotel for some swimming, (the kids not the adults!) and then to bed after we make sure the kids have everything ready for the next day's competition. Sometimes I help the kids iron their shirts and make sure their boots are shined and the uniforms look good.

We get up early (430am) on Saturday and make sure the kids are dressed and all packed up. We board the buses and head to George Jenkins High School for the day. After the competition we board the buses and drive for a while then stop for dinner then continue home. The kids will be dead tired by then but it's great. There will be one instructor going and 3 chaperones. We have lots of fun and I can't wait. It's like a mini vacation for me.

I will post again next week after the competition and let you know how we made out. Most of this week I have to get my lesson plans ready for Friday and also next week.

Talk to you soon!


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