Sunday, March 15, 2009

We have returned!

We just came back from another successful camping trip with JROTC from the Lee County schools. What a great time! It brought back lots of memories and we had a blast. The kids had time to chill for a while and then the fun started. On Saturday we got up early, 6am and raised the flag and had revely. Then breakfast and LET THE GAMES BEGIN! We had a volleyball competition, tug of war, relay race that consisted of the barrel race, canoeing and sprinting between all the schools. The end of the day brought a dinner catered by the County and it was great. I got to help serve ice cream to all the cadets and cadre! I loved it and got to see lots of my new friends and friends kids who are now going thru the program. Then it was back to our campsite for a night of movies! The CSM (Command Sergeant Major) of our school (South Ft. Myers High) brings out a generator, movie screen and sound system and we watch movies. The kids bring out their camping chairs and sleeping bags and we all sit and watch. It's fun and the kids love it. We have fire watch because we are in the dry season now and can't have fires so we watch to be sure there aren't any. I am adding some pictures here of the amphitheater in the front of the campground and also of the bus ramp. Tomorrow I am going to add pictures from when WE were there and you can see parts of that place haven't changed much in 30 something years. Tell me what you think.


Lynn said...

Organized activities??? I sure dont remember any of them when we went! Sounds like you had a good time.

Marie said...

yup and they are organized....there were almost as many chaperones as there were instructors....summer camp is in july and that is fun too....desirae has more pictures and i will post them here and on facebook.