Saturday, March 21, 2009

A good Day!!

Today was a good day.I finally got some quilting done. I did 4 quilts for customers and it was nice making some extra cash. I also didn't have to wash any clothes today and that was great too!! While I was quilting I was able to listen to my iPod and some great oldies....

At lunchtime my daughter bought me a chicken sandwich and that was cool too. Dave then told me some great news. He was able to find the leak in the roof on the motor home. That is really good news and we are going to get them fixed, we just have to save the money for that. And I thought we were going to need a new water heater for the RV too but he said it was just the knob that needed to be replaced. So that was a good thing to hear as well.

My boss called me this week and she has more sewing for me to do over spring break and that is good news too. I have been busy this week sewing for her and I need more money so it's good to be hearing this from her.

I just got back from the grocery store (ALONE!) and was able to get some things we needed and save some money since I didn't have any teenagers or husband with me. LOL...Why do we spend so much more at the store when one or all of them are with us I will never know.

So what wonderful things have you been up to? I still have to finish this baby quilt for my friend in Canada. She had her wonderful son and I want to get it to her before he outgrows it.

Later folks,


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