Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Days are here!!

The same week we all got out of school I went camping with my daughter's JROTC group. We had a great time and only had rain for one day. The kids did a ropes course (high and low) and team building games and a rock climbing wall and was quite an adventure. I loved it and the kids did a great job too. I was proud of all of them over 200+ high school kids and not one health emergency all week....truly amazing.

After that week we started settling into our summer schedule of sleeping late, staying up later and playing games, shopping during the day and eating lunch out. My girls and I are enjoying all this time together. We don't get enough of it during the school year because of our nutty schedules. Of course in between all this my older daughter is working two part time jobs and I am also working and trying to get some extra money made.

We are also trying to find a good day that we can take the dogs to the dog beach. I bought Daisy her new prong collar and took her to the vet yesterday so her ears could get checked. The good thing is it wasn't ear mites just a bacterial infection so she is on meds for that. Of course when we left the house Gretchen was crying like someone was beating her. They hate being seperated from each other. They are too funny. Today they did get their cheeseburgers for lunch though so they are happy campers right now.

I am trying to finish up some of my quilts too and have 2 here that I need to put the binding on. I will get pictures done and put them here when I am finished with them. I also want to finish my other projects this summer too. One of them being a book that I started reading over 2 years go. My goal is to get that done before school starts again in the fall.

Have a good weekend. Talk to you soon!!


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