Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi! I am so excited to see I had 5 comments to my new updated site. That is great. I am really pumped to do more to the site and work on more postings.
I had to work yesterday but today is errand day. My older daughter just left for work and I will take the younger one with me and then we will get some lunch before heading home.
Then it will be time to work on the blog to get music added to it now that my friend has told me how. I can't wait for that. I am then going to try and work on the quilt for this same friend. She is in the process of adopting her son from China and I promised her a quilt so I need to get cracking on that. It's a great scrap quilt and if I get enough of it put together I will take a picture and post it here.
This is the summer of finishing things I have started. I worked last night on a large pink granny square afghan that I am crocheting. I am going to give it to the Breast Cancer group for a donation but I don't think it's going to be big enough so I have to find another color to finish it with. I have 3 quilts for them that are done and one more I have to finish.
I am still hung up on this crazy game called Diner Dash. I finally last night finished a level I have been trying to finish for almost a year. I finally have this crazy thing figured out. It's really a fun game and I get to share it with my 2 girls as we are all playing it.
Time to get my errands done. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to have more info and goodies on here later this weekend. Have fun and be safe!!

This is a picture of Gretchen, our German Shepard rescue who will be 10 in October. She is a love and a camera ham!!! We just love her to death. We also have a yellow lab and I will add her picture too!!
This is our yellow lab Daisy who will be 5 in two weeks. We have had her since she was about 12 weeks old. She is a love too and thinks she is a lap dog. Here she is testing out one of my quilts to make sure people will enjoy cuddling with it!! LOL

Till later,


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Mom2Three said...

Hi Marie!!
I can't wait to see what you're making!!
I may want to keep it and raffle it off for our adoption!
Much love from Oregon,