Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another day bites the dust!!

Well we had no school today due to Tropical Storm Fay.This means we have to go to school an extra day in November during Thanksgiving break. It really wasn't that bad for us. We did lose power for about 2 hours but that was it. I spent most of the time reading my book and finishing it. I was glad I worked on stuff for school yesterday after work.

Yesterday was the first day of school and I was overwhelmed to say the least. The kids are cute ( I teach kindergarten) and we are in the middle of testing them to see where they are placed within the 8 kindergarten classes. We ability group the students which is better for them. We have done it for 2 years and I can see the benefit of this. I have a good group of kids but I won't know for sure who will be in my class until the end of the week. I brought my papers home yesterday and worked on them as I had a feeling we might lose power sometime today.

Fay was predicted to be a Category 1 Hurricane but it lost more strength and that was good. I am sure we will be back to school tomorrow but haven't heard the official word just yet.

I thought about quilting upstairs today but after being on my feet all day yesterday I think I am going to stay downstairs and sew a little and work on the computer.

I need to recharge the camera and then I will post pictures of the last 2 finishes I had. This weekend I have set aside to work on more UFO's.

Hope you all stay dry and safe!!


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