Friday, August 8, 2008

Another (small) UFO done....and some school stuff...

Hi I finished another (small) UFO....while I was cleaning my studio I came across a small block that was in the process of being hand-quilted. I only needed to quilt about 4 more lines. I did that before my meeting last night and today I cut the back of the pillow and made an envelope back. I am posting the picture here.

I also worked at school today and remembered to take a picture of my hallway bulletin board. I got the idea for the board from another teacher posted on the internet but I can't remember where. I thought it was a great idea and this is what my girls came up with.

This is a close up picture of the ants. Aren't they cute!! They were really hard to cut out but worth it. My principal loved the idea. This is in the main hallway where there is a lot of traffic so I know lots of people will see it. Once I have my complete correct list of students that will be in my class I will add their names to the ants.

This is a picture of the "picnic" with Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies being served. The cups are stapled to the board and are 3D. The napkins are real as are the spoons. I think I am going to have to tape the spoons to the napkins though as I think with walking traffic in the hallway they might get "lost"!

Well that is all for today. I am going to see what other things I can finish (I also have cross stitch stuff that needs to be done!!) while I watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics!!! Go USA!!!!


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