Saturday, August 16, 2008

School Days!!

I have been at school all week getting ready for next Monday and tonight. Tonight we had open house at my school and I got to meet 12 of my 18 kindergarten kids. What a great bunch of children!! I was nervous about starting school on Monday since I haven't taught kindergarten before but after seeing these great kids I am so excited. The parents are a good bunch and I also got to see many of my former students from other years. It was a long day but a great night.

I came home to watch the Olympics!!! GO Michael Phelps in Swimming!!! WOW!!! What a great race right?? I can't wait to watch tomorrow night. They just had a great interview with him and Mark Spitz from 1972 and I remember watching Mark win those 7 gold medals!!! (I am old LOL)

I know many teachers are getting ready for back to school!! I am looking forward to it. I haven't been quilting much this week. I have 4 new quilts (ok not new but they are UFO's that will get done soon) ready for the quilting machine and I have done a lot of work on a UFO cross stitch project. I have one small corner to finish and then I can start adding some detail work to it. I hope to do some of that tomorrow.

I think we have a hurricane heading this way and her name is Fay so I need to start watching the news to see where she is heading. Keep good thoughts that she doesn't hit land!!!



Teaching Heart Mom said...

I enjoyed your blog. I love you picnic bulletin board. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with back to school!

lvbabyboomer said...

Hi Marie
Love your blog and all the amazing quilts you have completed. I live in Tampa and we are also awaiting news of Fay.
Be Safe