Saturday, August 2, 2008

UFO Day!!

Today I worked on all sorts of things. First, I played on the computer and got all the email caught up. That alone took a while. I belong to several lists on yahoo and got all of it read and organized. Then I cheated a little and played a computer game. We have all the Diner Dash games and my teenage daughters have me hooked on the games and today I tried to pass a hard level but no dice. Maybe another day.

After lunch I decided to work on some UFO's. Now for those of you that read my blog and aren't quilters, a UFO is an Unfinished Fabric Object and in my case that is mostly quilts. I have about 14 upstairs in the studio that the tops are done but they need to be quilted. I quilted two today and came downstairs and put the bindings on them by machine. Tomorrow night while I watch Law & Order: CI and Army Wives I will stitch those bindings down by hand.

I also started cleaning out my dining room of the school stuff. I have taught 2nd and 4th grades and have books for those. But this year I am going to be teaching kindergarten and I have to sort thru all my books to see what I have for the little ones. I took two boxes of books and stored them in the studio upstairs for now. I also got a bunch of stuff ready to take to school this week. I am so excited about finishing some things and organizing stuff around the house. I have a problem sticking with one thing, I guess I am a little restless so I keep moving from project to project. I am trying to get lots done and I don't want to waste time working on one project.

This is my last week off before school officially starts for me on August 11th. The kids don't go back until August 18th and both my girls are ready for school. So am I .....

That is about it for now. I am going to go sit in my rocking chair and read my Elm Creek Quilters book. I am reading the Runaway Quilt and I am getting all excited about handquilting my small Underground Railroad quilt. I also have a Santa quilt I want to hand quilt so I need to figure out which one I will do first. Probably the Underground Railroad quilt as it's smaller.

Ta-ta for now!!!


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