Sunday, November 30, 2008

a busy Friday!

I got lots to share today. Not sure if I can get everything in here in one post but if I can't I will finish it tomorrow night. First, I finished a cross stitch project that I have been working on forever. Here is a picture of it. Now all I have to do is get a frame for it. I will get that the next time I am in Joann's. I know it's not a quilt UFO but it's good to get something else done.

After we went shopping for a while we came home and set up the decorations. Here is a picture of our fireplace. We put up a stocking for all the people that live here (4), the older kids out on their own (2), and the dogs (2) and Desirae's new boyfriend (1). Here is how it looks!! I love it. We didn't have a fireplace up north and I just love how it looks. Of course our temps will be dropping this week and then the stuff on the hearth will come off and we will have a fire going...the dogs love laying in front of it.... :)
While I was growing up we always had a village at Christmas time under the tree. We had houses, people, cars and ice skaters and of course our nativity set. As the years passed the houses and items started falling apart. When we moved to Florida my mom started working with plastic canvas and made a whole new village for her and also for me. She made me a gingerbread village and I just love it. I am posting some pictures of the villages and also some of the gorgeous handmade ornaments we put on the tree. We used to put up 3 trees but with the dogs we only do one now. The great part is that I had enough ornaments for them all!!!

These are ornaments my mom made many years ago. The circle one is a tuna can. I just love it. She designed some of these on her own and some were kits but it's been so long I can't remember which ones are which. But they are beautiful aren't they?
OK I will post more tomorrow. I am going to take my camera to work and get a picture of the bulletin board and will post that too!!
Happy Holidays!!

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