Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quilt Retreat Weekend

WOW!!! I had fun this weekend. I belong to the Stashbusters group and this was the weekend for the at home retreat. The object is to do as much quilting as you can. I started the day making the backings for 3 quilt tops that I assembled this weekend using leftover blocks. Years ago I belonged to AOL and joined every block swap there was. I have so many blocks. I made most of them into quilts for the house but I can only use so many quilts living in Florida. So most of the quilts I make I donate either to the Breast Cancer Society or the Quilts of Valor. I finished 4 tops using blocks that were left over from swaps and who knows where some of them came from. I also used fabric from my stash to make the backings. And I used strips and squares left over from other projects to assemble the tops.

They are about lap size quilts and I loved working on them. I have another one on the design wall but I am done for tonight. I found 3 blocks that had parts ironed on and now I am going to satin stitch them down before they go into a quilt. Then I am going to be making more baby booties. There is a place in South Dakota who needs help with all sorts of items to help their citizens get through those rough winters. Here is the link

I think they are a great charity and if you can spare anything please send it to them. I might send the 4 UFO quilts that I put together to them once I get them quilted. So I am going to be making some baby booties and hats to send them. I found some baby yarn today in one of my baskets.

We have a full week of school this week and I am going to be out 3 nights this week in a class. It's a great class, it helps experienced teachers mentor new teachers and we can also work with college students who need classroom experience teaching. I am looking forward to doing that. The class is great and I am really enjoying it.

I have the turkey in the freezer and the week after next I will get the rest of the items for our dinner. It's just going to be the 4 of us this year. I hope the older kids call their dad, that always makes the holiday better for him.

Keep sewing!!!


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