Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reading Frenzy!!

I have found some wonderful books. Now this is quilt related.....they are the Elm Creek Novels and I am hooked on them. I have read half of them and they are wonderful. I love the friendships and the idea of the quilt camps in this make believe town in Pennsylvania. I would love to either work there or spend my summers there just quilting away.

There is a web site too.. www.elmcreek.net and I would say go check it out. I have been getting my books from the library and they have all of them except for the last two. I figure by the time I finish reading the next 5 I have sitting here in the studio my library might have the newest one. I wish I could buy them but I just don't have the money right now.

I have also finished the donation quilt for my friend. I am currently searching for a box and then will get it mailed to her. I have taken a picture but I haven't gotten it off my camera yet.

I have also been working in my new classroom. They cleaned our carpets and all the furniture was packed into a corner of the room. My daughters and I went in yesterday and got the furniture all organized and today we went in again and decorated the bulletin board in the hallway and also in the classroom. I also started putting some items away and making it homey. I have tonz of work to do in there but it's coming along nicely. Once the bulletin board is all done I will take a picture and post it here. It's really cute for kindergarten. I am starting to get excited about school starting and working in this new grade with children who are just starting their learning experience.

My email server has been down for two days too so it's been really annoying not being able to talk to my friends. I had internet service but email wasn't working. I still think there is something wrong but I will have to call embarq tomorrow to see what it looks like on their end.

That is all the news for now. I bought some new quilting patterns and I am in the middle of making one of them but I want to work on it more before I share it with you. It's really an easy pattern and a great stashbuster but that is for another post.

So if you are a quilter tell me what you are working on? If you don't quilt tell me what you are doing? Any good books you have read?

Marie (who wishes she was an Elm Creek Quilter)

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