Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cleaning up (finally LOL)

Today I started cleaning out the house. Now I am not talking steady cleaning until something is really clean....LOL....that isn't my style. I cleaned out the foyer. I had this holder thingy leftover from one of the girls rooms. They used it to store their beanie babies. So I cleaned it out and its in the back of my car. I also got rid of the junk that was on the holder thingy! So now the foyer almost looks normal. I still have some boxes in there but I am getting ready to ship out some quilts and other things so they will be gone in another day or so.
The girls have been cleaning out their rooms for a while and the stuff was piled in the hallway upstairs. So today I started bringing some of the stuff down and putting it in the car. I know you are probably saying to yourself, Why doesn't she have the girls help her? Good question but I like to see what they are getting rid of. Not all the stuff needs to go to the Goodwill store. In their baby clothes for their dolls I found some of their baby clothes that they played with. Those need to get cleaned and kept for their little ones someday. I just kept a few things but I can't get rid of them. It's slowly getting done and all the stuff upstairs won't fit in my car anyway. I think it will take me a while to get it all to Goodwill but that is ok.
My goal for '09 is to also finish the house. I asked Dave to put the motor home in the driveway tomorrow and take off the door to our bathroom closet. That way I can stain it and it will be done. When we moved in 8 years ago the crazy inspector said we had to have the doors on all the closets even if they weren't finished. So now that I am not too busy with school and everything else I am going to start doing a little on the house too. Starting with the 3 doors that need staining. I am hoping to get these done before January is over. That is a reasonable goal to reach.
That is my only resolution for '09. To get the house cleaned up and straightened out and organzied. Plus get some sewing and fun stuff done for me too!! LOL
So what are your plans for '09??

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Lynn said...

Ok so that is what I have been doing too! lol. I had to work today but I started with cleaning out my room. Nicole's is next, since she is not living here anymore. We also started painting the living room in Feb. I guess it's time to finish it..I only have to cut in by the floor but it takes 3 - 4 coats of paint!
As always, I enjoy reading your blog.