Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Face? Space? Blog?

Ok So what is the difference between facebook? myspace? and blogspot? Isn't the main reason people have these items to keep up with folks? I like this one because it's easy and fun to use and change around...

A friend asked me to join facebook and I did but I have no idea what that is all about...and I can barely remember to add stuff here let alone at another location....HaHa! So I am just going to stick with what I know and here I am.

We have a fire going tonight. I know you are thinking we are nuts to have a fire in Florida but the temps are really going down tonight ....into the 40's and that is cold. I am so sure that one year we are going to get snow again...its just a matter of time...we have had cooler weather since right before Thanksgiving and I know its going to happen soon. The temps will warm up for a few days and then turn cold again.

I have Christmas songs running through my head already. As I have mentioned before I teach kindergarten and we are practicing every day for our Holiday concert. The kids are singing 5 songs and learning the hand motions that go along with them. We practice for about 40 mins a day and also have the music playing in the morning and during the day while they are working on other projects like coloring. They are learning the words to the songs but now we are working on the hand motions....When they get it all together (all 147 of them) they are really cute to see. They are performing this on 17 and 19 December during the day so their parents can come. Should be interesting.

I finished another older cross stitch project last night. It was a birthday bear that I bought someone for a gift but have no idea who it was for. And now I am not sure what I am going to do with it either. But right now it's on the cutting table waiting for a frame.

Well I have some school work to do and maybe some sewing. Not really sure. But at 8pm I am going to be watching Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I have it on DVD but its more special to watch when it comes on TV!! I love those old shows and watch all of them. I have already seen the cartoon version of the Grinch 3 times. I love it...not the movie the original...can't beat it!!

Marie P.S. Here is another part of my village. This was from my mom's village. It's the honeymoon cottage. I just love it. Hope you do to!!

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