Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days before Christamas!

Well I finally finished my Christmas shopping today. Now I have to make some cookies. I am only making peanut butter and Chocolate Chip cookies. I will do those tomorrow morning while I am wrapping the final gifts.

We are all still sick here. I am going to church tomorrow night but it might just be me that goes. I don't think hubby will go since he is sicker then the rest of us and needs his rest. I might be able to get my daughter Carol to go but not sure. Desirae will be working so she won't be able to go.

We were to see my new nephew today and my sister in law but with us being sick we are just staying home. We did take the dogs out to Petco this morning to get thier gifts. They got to smell everything and got lots of treats from the manager. He has 3 shepards at home so he loved gretchen and then who can't love daisy who gives tonz of kisses to everyone.

We got home and made lunch and couldn't find daisy. We thought she was in the back yard but couldn't find her. Looked upstairs and no luck there either. I went out the front door and there she was in my neighbor's yard sniffing around. Not fun at all. Seems the back gate was blown open by the wind and she took off. I opened the car door and she came running across the street right into the car. Then I grabbed her and we walked into the house together. I then took a clothes line from the motor home and tied the gate door shut. Not a perfect job but it won't blow open again and she won't escape.

If you go see the movie Marley and Me this season that is pretty much my labrador. She wasn't as bad as he was as a puppy but she came awful close. She loves rides in the car and if the window is open and you don't hang on to her she will walk or more likely run faster then the car can go. She is something else.

That is about all our news from here. Of course hubby is sick so he has had work the last two days. I don't think he will work tomorrow but he might for a half day. I hope he stays home and gets the rest he needs.

I hope you all have a great Christmas. We are going to be quiet this year. Nothing going on...just chilling at home and trying to get better faster.


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JudyWinslowHoffman said...

who is your new Nephew?

hope everyone is feeling better soon. i think i'm coming down with something myself. all this travel and hot and cold is catching up with me.

love ya,
Merry Christmas